P3 Activities

  • We bring and promote new and innovative approaches to business with a positive impact on society and coordinate thematic network for the social economy TESSEA
  • We support social and socially beneficial business
  • We provide consulting, organizing seminars and workshops
  • We implement thematic projects - more on www.ceske-social-podnikani.cz
  • Social business is in the center of our attention, although our focus is wider


Testimonials P3

Ing. Marek Šedivý, President of the Association of Public Benefit Organisations (AVPO)
″Social entrepreneurship has not always been a bed of roses in the Czech Republic. One of the most debated issues is the answer to the question ′What is the social entrepreneurship′? Social entrepreneurship has not yet been defined by the Czech law, or by a majority expert commentary. I am glad that company P3People, Planet, Profit, exists. It helps us to answer that question.″

Mgr. Alena Zieglerová, Head of the Management and Coordination, Department for Social (Agency), The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
″The cooperation of the Agency for Social Inclusion of the Office of the Government with P3People, Planet, Profit, o.p.s., is based on the belief that networking of social enterprises, their mutual support and spread of awareness about the benefits of the social economy is a very beneficial activity, in terms of local development and employment where the common market and areal measures failin remote areas suffering from social problems.


 Adresář sociálních podniků

Directory of social enterprises

Directory of social enterprises is a unique source of information on social entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. Here, you can find over 120 organizations committed to the idea of social entrepreneurship. For the clarity, we have used several filters for sorting, field of activity, place of business, social utility and the target group, which is employed in the enterprise.
Directory was based on telephone survey conducted in Fall 2012.